This is love!

” Didn’t I tell you I would always take care of you?…that I would always love you…You still love me ? ”

With that he gently kissed her on the cheek. She didn’t speak but her smile said it all. He knew she understood, and it didn’t matter that he had to wipe the saliva drooling down the side of her mouth. It made no difference that he had to wait outside of her room while an aide changed her diaper. He loved her in her sickness and in health.

His eyes lit up and a big smile covered his face as he had cheerfully, with a bounce in his step walked down the nursing home corridor looking for his baby. She still brightened his day and from the expression on her face, he hers.

I was a nurse working the day shift when I witnessed this touching exchange between two lovers totally unaware of my presence.

John and Marianne were well over 70. In time John more than likely became a resident as well. I hope Marianne lived long enough to be with him. If not, it was clear that with the love they shared , their spirits are forever connected.

” Marianne, will you marry me? ” I heard him ask. ” I can’t she answered. “I’m already married.” John smiled and kissed her hand.

At a time when long-term marriages are rare, this was a reminder of what marriage is supposed to be…

Love and commitment.


What are you committed to today??

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