Gifts not bought or sold

You never know when the spirit has sent you along to give an encouraging word…a smile…a hug, or just an extended hand that someone needs to hold.

You may be unaware of how much a seemingly little thing you did cheered a heart, lifted one’s spirit or touched a soul…but somewhere down the line when you least expect it …but need it the most…that encouraging word…that warm smile… hug… or that extended hand will come back for you to hold, and the blessings start all over again. It’s a reflection of God’s miracles… the sun that rises every morning and sets every evening, the butterfly that emerges from its cocoon displaying a magnificent work of art, and You!

Have a Wonderful weekend and hope we meet up again on Monday!

Oh and please feel free to make any comments!

Ameenah  Ross is a nurse, writer and author of Depression Free…A  Wise Woman’s Guide To healing and Happiness

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