Take time to be still !

Still adj. 1. Free from sound; silent. 2. Motionless. 3. Free from disturbance; tranquil
The American Heritage Dictionary

Do you remember the last time you were still? The last time you sat and relaxed in total silence, no phone ringing, no television blasting, no face book or text beckoning your attention. No music playing or family member calling your name or you… simply busying yourself with something?

Do you remember the last time your mind was free from clutter free from work…family and friends?
Just YoU, silent…motionless…tranquil, alone but not lonely, peaceful in the cocoon of your stillness.

You begin to be aware of the beating of your heart, and the rhythm of your respiration’s. Tune in to the needs of your body ….Focus on your breathing …r e l a x… How miraculous, this thing called life.
Your spirit renews, the answers to puzzling questions are revealed, and the creative juices will flow. Many things become possible when we take the time to be still.

Will YoU take the time?

Ameenah Ross is a nurse, freelance writer and author of Depression free…A Wise Woman’s guide to healing and Happiness.

I invite you to check out my book, A Wise Woman’s Guide to Healing and Happiness at http://www.ameenahross.com for more tools for happier living. – Ameenah

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