Before you snap! and lose your sanity…think about this…



Grab some privacy  (closet, bathroom,etc.)… count to 10 – take a deep breath and yell to the top of your lungs.

(You will feel better and if anyone has heard you they will definitely stay out of your way! )

Know that the only thing definite in life is that you will not get out of this world alive!

 Most other things are possible.

Even in the most challenging of situations, things could worse!

( count your blessings)

Cry if you need to, but don’t cry too long. Crying cleanses your eyes – signals a problem …

expresses physical pain, but don’t drown in your tears.

Remember: after every rain the sun will shine.

Do not let other’s control your happiness.

Laugh often! It Is truly one of the best and most potent of medicines. Laugh at yourself… with your love ones and friends— a good book — a good movie. Find things that tickle your funny bone.

I have a bright red clown nose that I keep with me…you should she the reaction when I put it on! First it’s what the heck is that! then it makes you laugh and of course you think I must be crazy! I’ve put it on while driving in  bumper to bumper traffic and just looked out of the window…you can imagine the looks when people notice me…I have never seen it not bring a smile to someone’s face! Yes, I look nutty but it works…for a moment your mind is off the traffic and on the  crazy lady and that decreases your stress and you think about what silly thing you saw while sitting in traffic! Ahh, you think…she’s lost her sanity!!!

 What tricks do you have to keep you sane when people around you are acting crazy???

I invite you to check out my book, A Wise Woman’s Guide to Healing and Happiness at for more tools for happier living. – Ameenah

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