More… Food for Thought!

Hi there…Well…If you’re reading this  you’ve been blessed to see another day! and…I appreciate you taking  the time to check out this blog!

More Food for Thought!

  1. Accept people for who they are, and let them be.
  2. Your life is made up of emotional seasons of dormancy, growth, and renewal. ( what season are you in?)
  3. God does answer our prayers—not always as quickly as we want him to, but… always on time.
  4. Don’t  to be afraid to ask the right questions, and… ask as many as you need, to be informed and understand.
  5. Adopt a positive and optimistic attitude… It  can change your life.
  6. Count your blessings and be grateful for what you do have, instead of complaining about what you
  7. Trust  your thoughts and instincts because they are usually right.
  8. Know  that  love… sometimes means letting go.
  9. Don’t waste  your time around complainers, whiners, and naysayers.
  10. With faith in God and belief in yourself,  YoU can accomplish whatever you set out to do.

Go have a fantastic day and remember…  it’s not what happens to YoU but…how you handle what happens to YoU!

What Inspirational  food for thought comments would you like to share?

I invite you to check out my book, A Wise Woman’s Guide to Healing and Happiness at for more tools for happier living. – Ameenah

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One thought on “More… Food for Thought!

  1. 1. Put as much energy into yourself as you put into those you love – you’re worth it.
    2. Celebrate who you are, what you have accomplished and what you aspire to be.
    Thank you for sharing.

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