When was the last time you said these words to the special people in your life?


A few weeks ago I was vacationing in Florida with friends and doing something I love…walking the beach early in the morning and watching the sunrise…Absolutely beautiful! I ‘m always in awe of God’s miracles…one being the sun that rises and sets everyday regardless of whatever else might be going in the world!

Being so early in the morning the sand was smooth with tiny colorful seashells dispersed here and there. To me it was a canvas waiting to be used…

I wrote  Love You to share with the special people in my life….the first recipient of my art for the heart was  sent to my 12-year-old granddaughter, then I sort of forgot it until hours later I got a text message from her that said “this is beautiful, it’s my new wall paper!” For a soon to be teenager to appreciate that really made my day!

Looking back on that I think of how we so often forget the little things we can do that bring a smile to those we care about.

While technology has made our world much wiser, smaller and busier, it has distanced our connections in other ways.

Remember that technology can’t give love, support,comfort, laughter and all the little things that bring joy to your heart.


Anyway that’s what I think! What are your thoughts?




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