butterfly transition



Changes in our lives begin when we learn to trust ourselves more and others less… when we stop trying to be everything to everyone… when we no longer feel guilty over things we can’t control.

Changes begin when we create a circle around us full of positive and supportive people.

Changes begin when we put our own emotional, mental and physical needs first.

Changes begin when we let go of the things that poison our spirits and soul; like hate, anger … and the need for revenge.

Changes begin when we let go and let our Higher Power take control and lead the way…when we can forgive, for our own sake.

Changes begin when we are grateful for what we do have instead of what we don’t.

Changes begin when we love who we are, accepting flaws and all… yet, willingly working on being the best we can. Why? Because we are all-stars in God’s universe, and have our own light to shine.

Like the butterfly, whose struggle to emerge from its cocoon is necessary to present itself to the world with all of its beauty and splendor …We humans, have the ability to use our struggles and challenges to transform ourselves and our lives too. We can create a life of abundance, happiness, fulfillment, and so much more!
Today, I’m going to work on a change…how about you?

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