25 Things I’ve Learned While Growing Up!


Every day I enjoy my morning walk around the lake. I find it  spiritually uplifting.  The birds are singing…frogs are croaking and chirping…squirrels are scurrying across the path playing and looking for food.. As I walk and say “good morning”, or  nod or smile to passerby’s, I’m reminded of the blessings I need to count instead of the things I sometimes feel like whining about.
Here’s 25 Things I’ve Learned:

1. That you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.
2. That you can’t live in the past and work on building a better future at the same time.
3. To trust your thoughts and instincts because they’re usually right.
4. That adopting a positive and optimistic attitude can change your life.
5. That YoU are responsible for your own happiness.
6. To be kind and forgiving to yourself.
7. To count your blessings and be grateful for what you do have, instead of complaining about what you don’t.
8. That some people become envious when you do well and are happy.
9. That It is better to be alone and at peace than in a relationship and unhappy.
10. That family can be people you have no blood ties to.
11. That people are not mind readers. Don’t expect them to know what you think or feel; you have to tell them.
12. To be assertive, or people are inclined to ignore or take advantage of you.
13. That you can’t change what you didn’t get as a child, but you can nurture and get it for yourself now.
14. That you should enjoy your own company.
15. That you should never sell yourself short.
16. That your heart can feel like it’s broken into a million pieces, but God can mend it back.
17. That blood ties can mean nothing at all.
18. To trust God and yourself completely.
19. That your life can change in an instant, to the good or the bad.
20. To value your time and use it wisely, because time is one thing that we never get back.
21. That when someone you love has passed, they are still very much alive in your heart.
22. That some friends are forever and some you out grow.
23. That there is a solution to every problem; we just have to take the time to find it.
24. Not to let your ego or pride keep you from saying, “I’m sorry” or “I love you.”
25. That you have to say “No” sometimes and stick to it for your own well-being.

From the desk of Ameenah Ross



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