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  Hi there, I’m Ameenah and Thank YoU for stopping by… I wear many hats including… nurse, author and mental health coach.  which prompted me to create this blog.

 My book Depression Free: A Wise woman’s guide to Healing and Happiness, was written and then tucked away in my vault for about a year…I wasn’t ready to expose such personal things in my life. But then after watching so many people affected by mental health issues that could be helped and knowing that most people will shy away from seeking  help for fear of being stigmatized, I decided after a lot of thought and prayer that  I wanted others to know that I could attest to the fact that you can be helped… that you can take responsibility for freeing yourself from that dark hole …that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

In the book I share my story of my bout with depression over twenty years ago ( ironically I was a nurse on the psychiatric unit of a hospital) most important is that I share the tools I used, and without medication, reinvented my life and have been free from that place of darkness ever since!

I now follow a quote from Dr. Maya Angelou R.I.P.  ” When you’ve been healed go out and heal somebody else”  I do my best.

My goal now is to use my professional and personal experiences to help other’s awaken that spirit that makes you want to live your life with passion and a purpose!

My 3 principles for a healthy mind are…1.Faith…2.Tenacity and 3.Resiliency!

Take care and be happy.


Living Life with Passion & Purpose!!!

to read more visit my website http://www.ameenahross.com/#!book/cktc


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Your are a blessing go yourself and everyone around you. Everyone no matter where they are in life need words of encouragement.

  2. We all truly have a gift…to keep it to ourselves is quite a tragedy. It is wonderful to see you have accepted your calling. Depression is a serious problem, one along with many other mental illnesses, people completely overlook.

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