Hi Guys! Had a great day at the book signing …Living life with Passion & Purpose!

I’m Passionate about my writing and Purpose…well …I’m sharing my story and tools for positive changes

In the hopes of helping someone else to do the same!

Throughout the day, some people stopped to chat and actually shared a bit of their personal stories with me and why they wanted the book. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who came out to support, and I always feel touched when people share their personal stories! Some bought the book as a gift for a loved one who was going through a challenging time, and still others purchased it for themselves to periodically read the uplifting poems and motivational quotes found among the nuggets of life changing mechanisms.  Overall I was truly inspired by the many stories of triumph and perseverance shared with me throughout the book signing.

Come take a “walk”with me and click on the video above (click the title if you don’t see the video). I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it, and THANKS for everyone’s support!!!!!

Motivational Monday – 50 Things I’ve learned…

Excerpts from the book “Depression Free: A Wise Woman’s Guide to Healing and Happiness”

my shadow


We’re  with ourselves 24/7 shouldn’t that be easy? If not here are…

5 things you can do

1.Spend some quality time doing a self introspection.

2.Make a date with yourself and do something out of your comfort zone…like eat alone at a nice restaurant…or enjoy a movie or a fun workshop.

3.Spend an hour in pure silence …meditate.

4.Look in the mirror…sMiLe and tell yourself 3 things you like about your company.

5.Take a weekend or longer trip with just YoU and your shadow and keep a journal of the experience.

Now go enjoy your company!


 If you’d like to know how I got a new attitude…check out my book Depression Free: A Wise Woman’s Guide to Healing and Happiness:!book/cktc

Thank YoU!



Hi Guys!  …I’d like to take the time to thank those that attended my “Depression Free:  A Wise Woman’s Guide to Healing and Happiness” book signing held this past Sunday.  The turnout was great, and it was a fun very successful event!  I enjoyed meeting new people and was happy to have the love and support of those I knew…also heartwarming was hearing the personal stories people shared with me.

During the book signing, I got many positive comments about a particular chapter in my book entitled “My 50 Things I’ve Learned”.  In this chapter, I share a list of 50 helpful tips to live by, and I have found that these tips have been very instrumental in helping me navigate this huge journey called life.  Since I received so much positive feedback on this chapter, I have decided to share it with my followers.

Starting on Monday, I will be introducing my “Motivational Monday”, where I will share an excerpt every week from “Depression Free:  A Wise Woman’s Guide to Healing and Happiness”.  This will be in addition to my regular blog posts.

Hope you enjoy and remember: Live life with Passion & Purpose!

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Until next time!!


Are You Ready To Make a Choice?


Happy or sad.

Love or hate.

Optimistic or pessimistic.

Grateful or unappreciative.

Holding on to baggage or taking it to the dump.

Living with passion & a purpose or just existing.

In control of your life or being controlled by circumstances.

How’s life’s journey going so far? Is there anything you’d like to change … another path you’d like to take?
The great thing is that we’re  responsible for our own lives and therefore have the power to change the path we’re traveling.
Sometimes… F.E.A.R. (False Expectations Appearing Real) creeps in and it feels safer to do nothing…but I’ve learned to feel the fear and do it anyway! (the name of a great book I read years ago) I take little steps…like testing the pool water before plunging in for a swim.

Each day we get a little older and the reality is that none of us will get out of this world alive! So…hmm…do you want to live it striving for passion and purpose or are you content to just exist day-to-day …year to year? I’ve decided to shoot for the stars and maybe …just maybe, I’ll at least land on the moon!

We are all blessed with a gift…a talent …something we’re to share with the world… Are you ready to make your presence known?

Please join me if you can for a meet and Greet Book Signing on August 24th

Ameenah Ross book signing, 8.24.14

or visit me at!our-coaches/cktc

So, if you’re thinking, ” Maybe I can help,” please do!


Like millions of people I was shocked and saddened at the death of Robin Williams…I admired his work in the movies and his ability to tickle your funny bone. I especially loved “Patch Adams” because as a nurse and mental health advocate I know how important humor is in our lives. I once attended a workshop with the real Patch Adams and loved every moment of it.
As someone who knows depression I wish I could have shared with him what brought me out of that dark hole.

Robin Williams…R.I.P. You will be missed!

Depression…will have you existing behind a veil of darkness. Slowly, killing your dreams and goals…
Over 20 years ago I overdosed on prescription pain medications and over the counter drugs, ironically I was a nurse on the psychiatric unit of a hospital. I was great at taking care of others while my own baggage was becoming too much to bear.
When I awoke in an emergency room I knew I had hit the bottom of the black hole that had been haunting me… That end was my beginning of a journey to claim my life of passion and purpose that I deserved to have.
Since that time I have dedicated myself to helping educate others on depression; prevention and resources for help.
Extremely important, is breaking the stigma connected to depression that keeps many people from reaching out for the help they need.

As you see…depression does not discriminate. It doesn’t care about how famous you are…the color of your skin, your age, how many degrees you have or how much money you have in the in the bank. Look around you…Many people wear mask to hide what they’re really feeling, after all…what would happen if YOU knew?

The passing of Robin Williams has shed light around the world on this illness…hopefully it will help save someone else’s life. 

Listen to your friends and loved ones who may be going through a rough time…Sometimes what they don’t say may speak louder than what they do say.
Don’t be afraid to ask “How are you really doing?
Let them know that they can trust you and that you really care.
Follow through with them to find the help they need.
If you’re not sure how to approach the conversation, talk to someone who can advise you , here is one of many 24 hour hotlines.

Suicide Prevention & Crisis Hotline 1-800-273-8255

If you’d like to check out my book …Depression Free… A Wise Woman’s Guide to Healing and Happiness you can click below:!our-coaches/cktc

Let’s care for one another and strive to live with passion and purpose!





I woke up this morning…Good Day…cause I didn’t have to…Took a hot shower to wake my aching bones…Good day…I had water to bathe…said a prayer of gratitude, then dressed and drove to my favorite park for a morning stroll …Good day!

I arrived at the path; arms welcoming me… and stepped into a place where my spirit runs free. No ear phones for music or chattering friends… I love this alone time It’s just me and them… Good day!

Them you ask?…The squirrels scurrying up a tree to play… the daddy long leg who paused cause I got in his way. I snapped a picture of a beaver building his lodge, and watched frogs patiently sitting on lily pads waiting for food to come. Good day!

The Birds are chirping and tweeting  while flying from tree to tree…awesomely  beautiful…wow, so thankful that I can see…Good day!…and this nature gift, my dear friend is free.

Mom-ma duck is swimming with her babies trailing behind …I’m still walking …Good day… and I’m feeling fine!

The crisp morning air is brushing my cheeks… while pebbles sound like a bowl of crunchy cereal beneath my feet…My heart is beating faster…I’ve picked up the pace …beauty and exercise all in one place.

I glance over at the lake… rain is beginning to fall but the trees are my umbrella, they’re standing strong and tall…and then moments later the sun…well, it’s out again.

As I wind the bend and head for home…this has been my morning cup of coffee and tomorrow…God willing… I’ll have it again!