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Allowing your heart, soul and spirit to heal closes a door and opens a window of new opportunities for healthy living…loving and a lifetime of learning.




Don’t live in a shell…come out and play sometimes, enjoy the simple things in life. Remember that today is your PRESENT…tomorrow is not a PROMISE!

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THE FORGIVENESS ADVANTAGE (Tools for happier living)

dove   Forgiving someone who has wronged you can be an extremely difficult thing to do, that person may not even ask for forgiveness or in your eyes even deserve to be forgiven …but you know what… the thing is that you’re really forgiving them for yourself! You forgive so your heart, soul and spirit can heal… you close that door and open a window with opportunities for emotionally healthy living and loving. Forgiving doesn’t mean that you put your head in the lion’s mouth again or in harm’s way. No… you learned the lesson and you move on. In order for me to forgive, I had to ask myself if I’ve ever needed to have anyone forgive me, and though I would like to think I’m perfect…I’m not; I’ve even had to go to God and ask for forgiveness. So I had to ask myself how can I be granted forgiveness if I’m not willing to forgive. My experiences have taught me that by letting go and letting God take control that you can free yourself from the bondage that hate and anger can hold you in. Life has an expiration date so I choose to do my best to live it well and happy until that time… I wonder what the world would be like if we practiced a little more forgiveness, hmm…Just asking.



Lunch Special !

Hi there…Thanks for coming back! And if you’re new, welcome and hope to see you again!

So  you know how most of us are always on one diet or another, trying to get healthy? … or maybe… just for once…  be able to buy something really sexy out of Victoria’s Secret. Something that will have your man smiling for days!

Well today I have the Ultimate diet! You can eat all you want! Absolutely no limitations…No calories…no carbohydrates…no sugar or salt, and it’s loaded with flavor.  You can’t beat that!

Today’s lunch special is Food for Thought …have as much as you like and if it’s too much, share it with a friend… enjoy!

10 Tips to feed your soul

1.      Let God be the captain of your ship.

2.      Be kind and forgiving to yourself.

3.      Sometimes you can talk too much.

4.      Sometimes you can … not talk enough.

5.      Stand up for yourself and what you believe.

6.      Don’t wait for someone to give you flowers…give them to yourself.

7.      Love yourself first!… because only then  can you truly love someone else.

8.      Value your time and use it wisely … it’s the one thing that you will never get back!

9.      Your heart can feel like it’s been broken in a million pieces, but God can mend it back like  new.

10.    Don’t let your ego or pride keep you from saying ” I’m sorry” or ” I love you.”

Well, I  surely hope your meal was satisfactory…It was a pleasure serving you and please come again and… “oh, if there is something not on the menu you may like next time, let us know!!

Have a Wonderful day!!

Ameenah Ross is a nurse, free lance writer and author of Depression Free… A Wise Woman’s Guide to Healing and Happiness

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