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Motivational Monday – 50 Things I’ve learned…

Excerpts from the book “Depression Free: A Wise Woman’s Guide to Healing and Happiness”

my shadow


We’re  with ourselves 24/7 shouldn’t that be easy? If not here are…

5 things you can do

1.Spend some quality time doing a self introspection.

2.Make a date with yourself and do something out of your comfort zone…like eat alone at a nice restaurant…or enjoy a movie or a fun workshop.

3.Spend an hour in pure silence …meditate.

4.Look in the mirror…sMiLe and tell yourself 3 things you like about your company.

5.Take a weekend or longer trip with just YoU and your shadow and keep a journal of the experience.

Now go enjoy your company!


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Hey God…Can I Get a Do Over?


Well the answer was a resounding “No!” I was just thinking that with the wisdom we’ve acquired over the years …what if we could go back and make just a few changes… how cool would that be?…But I get it…no do overs!
What we can do though, is use the wisdom we’ve gained to make better choices. Be aware that the clock is always ticking and we never get our time back…So, do we really want to waste time…

1.Being angry and distant with someone you really care about. How would you feel if you received a phone call that informed you that he/she had died? It happens.
2.Allowing other people to control your life. You live in the shadow of someone else’s dream instead of bringing yours to life.
3.Surrounding yourself with people who don’t support you and your aspirations.
4.Your fear of failure keeping you from nurturing your gift. Read bio’s on successful people and see their struggles before their successes.
5.Hating your Ex. Putting energy into that compromises your emotional and physical health. Life does go on and there is happiness when you let go and open up for it.
6.Time doing busy work when you could use it for introspection. Put yourself on the priority list.
7.Complaining…I can guarantee you that on your bad day pick up a newspaper and you’ll find someone in a worse predicament…. Find the blessings to be grateful for, hey…if you’re reading this blog you can read, see, and have access to a device to view it on!
8. Some of us have become addicted to our electronics and are losing touch with the priceless things in our lives, like human conversations, and connection with our family near or far. Nothing replaces the sound of a welcoming human voice or touch.
9.Feelings of depression. Please… Take your life back..Get help!
10.Waiting for a dysfunctional relationship / situation to change when you know in your heart that it isn’t. We always have options.

If any of these time killers turn on a light bulb for you…please share your comment with me!

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