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Are You Ready To Make a Choice?


Happy or sad.

Love or hate.

Optimistic or pessimistic.

Grateful or unappreciative.

Holding on to baggage or taking it to the dump.

Living with passion & a purpose or just existing.

In control of your life or being controlled by circumstances.

How’s life’s journey going so far? Is there anything you’d like to change … another path you’d like to take?
The great thing is that we’re  responsible for our own lives and therefore have the power to change the path we’re traveling.
Sometimes… F.E.A.R. (False Expectations Appearing Real) creeps in and it feels safer to do nothing…but I’ve learned to feel the fear and do it anyway! (the name of a great book I read years ago) I take little steps…like testing the pool water before plunging in for a swim.

Each day we get a little older and the reality is that none of us will get out of this world alive! So…hmm…do you want to live it striving for passion and purpose or are you content to just exist day-to-day …year to year? I’ve decided to shoot for the stars and maybe …just maybe, I’ll at least land on the moon!

We are all blessed with a gift…a talent …something we’re to share with the world… Are you ready to make your presence known?

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Unplug from the World…Tune in to Self!

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Hi There! For my previously dedicated followers,  I deeply apologize for my disappearing act. And for my new visitors, WELCOME, and I hope you come back!

Over 20 years ago I went through a bout with depression.  Me…a nurse! In fact, ironically, I was working on the psychiatric unit at a hospital at the time; doing a good job of taking care of everyone but myself! One weekend I overdosed on prescription and over the counter medications; luckily I awoke in an emergency room instead of on the side of the unknown!

That day, I had two options.  One would be to lay there at the bottom of my dark hole I had been spiraling down for months and just disconnect from the world. I had seen many patients check out from reality and live quietly in their own private bubble. No worries, no stuff to deal with. Option 2, was that I would begin to confront the pain and disappointments in my life, and start peeling the layers off until I got to a place where I could see a glimmer of hope for myself.  I happily chose the latter, and am a witness that we can change our lives!

This past March my two friends and I embarked on a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean to have some real ME time for ourselves.  It was blissful!

The cool thing was that from the time our ship departed until it came back to the home port our cell phones were off and no one brought lap tops.  No texts to read, no calls to return…no emails to check. I frankly didn’t know I could survive without checking messages!

Though we spent a lot of time together we also spent time in our own space. For me it was a perfect time for introspection. Was I following my own spiritual path? Was I waking up each day passionate about what I was doing with my life…where I was, and where I still wanted to go?

I was pretty happy with my answers.  My life needs tweaking but I’m definitely on the right path. I have learned to love and trust God and myself.  The passion I’m blessed to wake up to every morning is to do more…do better, and make a positive difference in the world!

I stood on the balcony of our room that last morning mesmerized by a beautiful sunrise over a vast blue ocean…in awe of God’s art…things that money can’t buy.

We all have one life and one chance to live it.  Do it well and on purpose!


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You are the script writer for the movie of your life!

How is it going so far? Is there anything you would like to change? Is there another direction you want it to take?

The great thing is that since YoU are incharge and responsible for your life YoU have the power to change the script! Sometimes we know that we need to change it but F.E.A.R. False Expectations Appearing Real gets in the way and puts us in freeze mode.

Feel the fear but do it anyway! (the name of a great book I read years ago) Take little steps…like testing the pool water before you plunging in for a swim.

You‘ll find that the more you do the more confident you get …the more confident you get the more you will do!

Each day you get a little older and the reality is that no one gets out of this world alive! So…do you want to live it with purpose and passion or just exist? Do you want to be extraordinary or ordinary?

Are you going nurture and use the talents and gifts God gave you or let them die from starvation?

Yes! Life is a challenge but nothing worth having or doing comes easy, so armour yourself with faith in your higher power, confidence in yourself and  supportive people then fasten your seat belt and be ready for the ride!

Your script…Your movie!  5..4..3..2..1.. Roll it!