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Happy Monday! Are you pepped up..prayed up and ready to go?

Do you know that statistics say that many people have heart attacks  on Monday morning going to jobs that they hate!

My nugget for the day is…

Don’t let undeserving people kill your spirit and make you bitter. Sometimes others around you can’t accept that you’re  growing…making positive changes, and creating a happier, more productive and peaceful life. They are energy drainers, be aware.  Stay as far away from them as you would someone with a bad cold!

Sometimes others are stuck in their own stuff! YoU can’t change that. It’s good to care and be supportive but not at the expense of  letting someone impinge on your development and happiness…

So…keep smiling and focused and remember that you can’t control what people say or do but..you can decide how and if  you choose to respond to them!

Stay Pepped up…Prayed up…and ready to go!!!


Please share what keeps you up and motivated when your surroundings are a challenge?

From the desk of Ameenah Ross

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A Wise Woman Once Told Me

 Through life’s experiences we all have learned some lessons!… Today’s challenge is to dig deep into yourself and share in 25 words or less something positive that you have learned that you would like to share  with another Sister ( for this blog sister is a connection to other women regardless of color) that may brighten her day…boost her self-esteem, and give her strength…and encouragement! ( we never know what someone is going through and how a few simple words can turn they’re life around! )

God bless us all!

Okay…okay….I’ll go first!

Only after you have learned to love yourself …can you truly love someone else!

Okay…your turn!  🙂





The Gift

Life is a journey. It takes us soaring to the mountain-tops and hurtling down into the valleys. it wraps us in the warmth of summer days and drenches us in the down pour of a fierce storm. it astounds with the miracle of a new birth and brings grief with the passing of a loved one.

Life is the precious gift we receive each day for no special occasion….accept it graciously…use it wisely.

What are you doing with your gift today?

I invite you to check out my book, A Wise Woman’s Guide to Healing and Happiness at http://www.ameenahross.com for more tools for happier living. – Ameenah

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Are you in charge of your life?

Are you who you want to be? Are you doing what you want to do, or is your life based on someone else’s expectations of you?

Sometimes we please our friends, spouses and significant others to our own detriment. We give them more power over our decisions than we give to ourselves.

There are times we follow them and they take us in directions we do not want to go. We are afraid to STOP! Take another path or make a u turn toward what we really desire.

We know when we’re on the wrong path because our spirit has no peace.

The truth is… we cannot bring joy to others until we are pleased and happy with ourselves.

 Be true to yourself; take charge of your life!

Ameenah Ross is a nurse, freelance writer, and author of the inspirational book: Depression Free, A Wise Woman’s Guide to Healing and Happiness.

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