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FEAR can keep you from making positive changes that you know would be good for you. It’s okay to feel the fear; we all do at some time in our lives but don’t let it immobilize you.

Feel the fear…then push it aside and do what you need to do any way. You’ll stretch and grow or you can choose to stay where you are and be comfortable and stagnate.

I had a fear of talking in front of groups of people. I grew up a shy person and I hated it! I was the student in the class who knew the answer but was afraid to raise her hand. I was the girl at the party who hid in the corner, holding up the wall, plus at the age of 11 an accident left me with a burn and scar on the side of my face. The cruel kids at school called me scar-face which added to the shyness.

Writing was my passion. I kept journals, wrote poems and short stories. I ached to stand in front of an audience and share my work, but I couldn’t. The thought terrified me. Even in college I found ways to escape speaking in front of the class; however that worked against me when participation was a percentage of the grade.

Many years later I shared a poem with a good friend and told him of my fear of speaking in front of groups. He was a videographer for a television station and boy was he funny, outgoing and a wiz at making people comfortable in front of a camera. He became my coach, videotaping me as I read poetry and other writings. When I felt silly and uncomfortable he pointed out my progress, always encouraging and inspiring me to reach my potential.

For a birthday gift he paid for me to attend a Dale Carnegie public speaking course. I was amazed to see how many successful professionals shared my fear.
With a lot of work and determination, the fear began to lose its grip on me; I put myself in situations forcing me to express myself in front of groups. It was a challenge.
I applied the “fake it till you make it” mantra and it worked. Shyness and the fear of speaking in front of others had kept me in a prison without bars. Eventually the fear was put to rest  and along with it, shyness.

I made a change and the change changed my life! Don’t procrastinate another day. If there is something you need to do to better your quality of life, feel the fear and take action anyway!


from the desk of Ameenah Ross



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