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  • Count your blessings… one is that You can read this blog!
  •  Look in the mirror…  Tell yourself 3 things you love about you.
  •  Do something nice for someone, sMiLe…give a hug…ask how are you today?   and mean it, say I loVe you to someone who would enjoy hearing it from you (don’t  take life for granted) give an old fashion card (not E card)  write a sweet note the old fashion way…  simple things to do, that mean a lot!
  •  Live today as though it were your last, Yet live it as though YoU had Forever!


 Oh…and maybe exchange the soda, and junk food for something healthy and a little exercise won’t hurt either!







BUT… instills F.E.A.R. (false Expectations Appearing Real) steals dreams, and sabotages visions of success and prosperity.
I CAN … is the seed you sow and nourish with patience, diligence and faith. Your possibilities will become endless.


    Whats holding you back?









Depression…will have you existing behind a veil of darkness. Slowly, killing your dreams and goals…

Over 20 years ago I overdosed on prescription pain medications and over the counter drugs, ironically I was a nurse on the psychiatric unit of a hospital. I was great at taking care of others while my own baggage was becoming too much to bear.

When I awoke in an emergency room I knew I had hit the bottom of the black hole that had been haunting me… That end was my beginning of a journey to claim my life of passion and purpose that I deserved to have.

Since that time I have dedicated myself to helping educate others on depression; prevention and resources for help.

Extremely important, is breaking the stigma connected to depression that keeps many people from reaching out for the help they need.

Depression does not discriminate. It doesn’t care about the color of your skin, your age, how many degrees you have or how much money you have in the in the bank. Look around you…Many people wear mask to hide what they’re feeling, after all…what would happen if you knew?

My book…Depression Free… A Wise Woman’s Guide to Healing and Happiness shares my story and offers great tools for creating positive life changes.

“We all have one life to live and one chance to live it. Do it well and with purpose!


From the desk of Ameenah 



I Am My Mother’s Eyes…


At 28 my mother was completely blind. I was 11 and my brother was 6. The year before, as she was losing her sight, if my dad wasn’t able to get off work to take her to a clinic appointment, it became my job. We lived in Boston, so the good thing was that public transportation was convenient.
For a little girl, I had a big job. To get my Mom to the clinic safely, not letting her trip on a stair, bump into anything or have any accidents. I didn’t always count the stairs correctly or keep her from bumping into something, but I did the best that I could.
What I disliked the most was people staring at us. I hated it… however, we were always offered a seat on the train or bus.
I became my mother’s new set of eyes. Reading her the mail, the stories in magazines that she liked…many of the same ones I watched her read when she could see. I wrote all of her letters, business and the ones to friends.
One of my favorite things was going to the Hallmark store and reading different cards to her until she found something she liked. I became a connoisseur of greeting cards. Sometimes I think that my passion for writing was ignited from my reading and writing for her.
When my mother went blind she was offered classes to help her adapt to her new way of life. I remember a woman coming to teach her braille, a system of writing for the blind consisting of raised dots that can be interpreted by touch. Mom, for reasons I don’t remember, didn’t continue with that. She didn’t want to have a see and eye dog or learn to use a cane.
My mother, however, never stopped taking care of our home. She continued to cook, clean, wash and iron clothes, and people still commented on how good she looked. Nails, hair, clothes…never lost a beat! She also became my dad’s secretary when he started his own business.
With my mother’s blindness came safety proofing the house; making sure there was nothing on the floor she could trip over. Cabinets had to be shut so she didn’t bang her head or bump her leg. It was important to not rearrange things unless she did it because touch and familiarity was critical for her… and cleaning…well she checked you’re cleaning by running her hands over the surface of what you cleaned, if she felt dirt or grit on it …you, were in trouble. You’d be surprised at how clean a surface looks until you run your hand across it. Try it sometime.
It’s amazing how God increases tenfold the senses you do have, when one is lost. My mother could hear a bug pee on cotton, smell you a mile away… and count her money, coins and bills. She developed a method for everything.
When clothes shopping, she would describe what she wanted and tell you the colors she was looking for. The rest was touch…the feel of a fabric, the cut, the placement of the buttons or zipper. The details please…just the details. If she wanted to see you, she’d asked to feel your face…she would cup your face in her hands and then gently and slowly glide her fingers over your face, taking in each detail… the shape of your nose, fullness of your cheeks, thickness of your lips, your ears, the texture of your hair, and your voice. Together, like a puzzle, they created her picture.
My mother has long passed away, funny…I still find myself conscious of open cabinets and doors, be it my home or anyone else’s, and I still run my hand across things after I clean.
My fear as a young person was that I would be blind by thirty… thankfully, thirty came and went.
I sometimes wonder…if I had to lose one of my senses, which would it be? I love the smiles I see on my grandchildren’s faces when they greet me, and the awesomeness of watching the sunrise over the ocean. I look forward to hearing the birds sing as I do my morning walk and feel the crisp spring breeze on my cheeks, the smell of homemade oatmeal cookies in the oven make my day and an evening of drinking ginger tea with a good book is soothing.
There is nothing I’d want to give up, so… I just keeping thanking God every day that my senses are all intact. I honor them.





Hey God…Can I Get a Do Over?


Well the answer was a resounding “No!” I was just thinking that with the wisdom we’ve acquired over the years …what if we could go back and make just a few changes… how cool would that be?…But I get it…no do overs!
What we can do though, is use the wisdom we’ve gained to make better choices. Be aware that the clock is always ticking and we never get our time back…So, do we really want to waste time…

1.Being angry and distant with someone you really care about. How would you feel if you received a phone call that informed you that he/she had died? It happens.
2.Allowing other people to control your life. You live in the shadow of someone else’s dream instead of bringing yours to life.
3.Surrounding yourself with people who don’t support you and your aspirations.
4.Your fear of failure keeping you from nurturing your gift. Read bio’s on successful people and see their struggles before their successes.
5.Hating your Ex. Putting energy into that compromises your emotional and physical health. Life does go on and there is happiness when you let go and open up for it.
6.Time doing busy work when you could use it for introspection. Put yourself on the priority list.
7.Complaining…I can guarantee you that on your bad day pick up a newspaper and you’ll find someone in a worse predicament…. Find the blessings to be grateful for, hey…if you’re reading this blog you can read, see, and have access to a device to view it on!
8. Some of us have become addicted to our electronics and are losing touch with the priceless things in our lives, like human conversations, and connection with our family near or far. Nothing replaces the sound of a welcoming human voice or touch.
9.Feelings of depression. Please… Take your life back..Get help!
10.Waiting for a dysfunctional relationship / situation to change when you know in your heart that it isn’t. We always have options.

If any of these time killers turn on a light bulb for you…please share your comment with me!

From the desk of Ameenah